Len Makable - Baby Crow

Len Makable - Baby Crow


container of powdered thick tea

dimensions: 2.9”x5.19”x3.9”

“Sculptures cannot fully express everything. To be fair, a sculpture that was created by chance may not be a piece that expresses clear intent, but can be one that combines several functions.

However, I do not call a product of happenstance a work of art. Certainly it is a prototype. Whether it is a piece of fine art, or a purposefully designed item with some sort of function, I do not consider it a work of art unless it has clear intent.

The Tea Ceremony utensils I create are different from sculptures, but they do reveal another side of my expression and are created with clear intent. Thus, I feel comfortable calling them sculptures with functions. To express something requires a deep desire, and every image and concept that was generated in my mind, needs to be fully expressed. My art works on the opposite side of the spectrum from sculptures are expressed as Tea Ceremony utensils. That deep desire, this intense urge to express an emotion, a story or a message, will perhaps lurk in my heart until death.”


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